A Crash Course in Balancing Head and Heart

Introduction: Being Heart Centred

Being heart centred and in touch with your feelings is one of the most important things. Your feelings are the first step on the path to the centre of your heart and intuition. Your feelings are usually telling you everything you need to know about a situation, if you would listen to them.

Having said that, not all are attuned with their feelings, and it can be easy to let the mind take over. Here is a centring meditation, that can help to get you in your emotional body at least for a while anyway!

'Sit and still yourself. Take a deep breath, and when you breath out, breath into your heart. Keep doing this until you get a feeling for what needs to comes next.'

Some people can be very intuitive simply using their feelings as a guide. You may think that you already know what your feelings are, but it is not always as simple as that. You can have conflicting feelings. You may think that you want to do something, but in reality your heart is telling you different. So what we need is to get you being heart centred and knowing your TRUE feelings!

By Nicholas Russell


Bodies                                                          Feelings
Physical body                                        The physical senses
Emotional body                                         Your emotions
Mental body                                              Your thoughts
Spiritual body                                               Your heart


As you can see there are quite a few different places that feelings can come from. The secret here is not to over emphasis one, or the other as it is about achieving a fine balance.

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