1) Spiritual Guidance and the Higher Self

Let's not be using the mind too much in the logical sense anymore. It is better to use the mind to receive and decipher direct spiritual guidance than it is to think everything through. It is the New Way. This way we create an opening for the heart to come in and operate alongside your spiritual guidance. Then you have the somewhat unique double edged sword of 'heart and mind'.

The logical aspect of the mind is a grosser expression than the more intuitive aspect which receives its information freely from Source. Of course you are not to abandon the logical aspects of the mind completely, otherwise you may have problems counting your loose change next time you go to the shop! Everything has its place in moderation.


The Mind                            Realm
Practicality                            Physical (Etheric)
Logic                                   Emotional (Astral)
Guidance                                Mental (Manas)
Knowingness                               Spiritual (Bliss)


The main thing is not to let the mind overshadow your emotions, or feelings. This can happen whether you are using a more logical aspect of the mind, or even your spiritual guidance to a degree.

There is no real point receiving guidance from the Higher Self all day long if it is devoid of any emotional content. You have to be in touch with your feelings too. It is easier to concentrate on either your guidance or your feeling separately. The real hard thing is to get them up and running together and this can take many years of practice.

When you do this you find the heart and mind round each other off and 'complete' each other. The mind tempered by the heart is far more intuitive and gentle. The heart tempered by the mind moves with purpose and conviction. You know who you are and what you need in the moment.


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