2) Holding the Vision on the Spiritual Path

The way to create reality is to envision what you desire and then hold the vision of it in your Higher Self. You have to believe in it completely.

In fact, much as I hate to break this news to the many people in humanity who firmly believe that they are victims of life and universe everyone already creates their reality fully like this, but on a subconscious level. Reality is the construct of your beliefs. If you believe that bad things just happen to you, then they duly will.

This situation is a bit like someone who goes to a restaurant and orders a dish, but forgets immediately. When the dish of their choosing arrives, they complain, 'I didn't order this!'
Therein lies the problem, because you did indeed 'order' all the experiences in your life. The real trick is to start to make this a conscious choice that you are fully in control of in holding the vision of what you desire in the highest possible way.

There are those who have achieved Spiritual Mastery and have gone beyond the rules and regulations of the physical universe. This is simply due to the unique view point that a master has. When you see that everything is energy and believe in it fully, then it becomes so.

Look how 'solidified' reality has become on earth due to hundreds of years of 'solidified'  beliefs have moulded it. If the earth is likened to a bath, which is full with the 'waters of illusionary reality' at the end of the Dark Age the Avatar comes down and pulls the plug out!

To the rest of humanity the world seems just as full of illusion as it was yesterday - or is it?
The change happens slowly enough as to not tear the fabric of reality (which would kill most of humanity!), but can be seen over the long term. Ordinary people looking back might wonder how they got to where they are now. The threefold rule of creating reality is:


Simply see what you want to create, believe in it and know that your 'order' is on its way. Don't necessarily expect your 'order' to appear immediately. It can take some time for things to manifest into physical reality particularly if 'cogs and wheels' need to turn upstairs for you. It is always good to check in your visionary 'order', did you ask when you could have this? If you did not specify, we may give it to you in 50 years time, after all the guys upstairs in the Spiritual Hierarchy department for 'The Spontaneous Manifestation of Reality’ may not have the same understanding of outer time as you do. They could say, 'ok we will send it, next 100 lifetimes or so.'

In fact, not specifying that your request is available 'here and now' could well be your subconscious mind coming in to sabotage your desires yet again. We don't want that now do we?


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