This is a free directory of online courses on the many different aspects of the Spiritual Path. The 'Crash Course in Spirituality' teachings are for spiritual seekers who are living on earth at this time.

Look below for courses in Light Work, Healing, Channelling, discovering your Soul Purpose, Spiritual Mastery, the Higher Self & how to take your place within the Spiritual Hierarchy. Learn how to take part in the transformation work that is creating a New Golden Age of Humanity on earth.

See below for courses on the Spiritual Path, the Earth Transformation for Light Workers everywhere. Begin your Crash Course in Spirituality here!

1) A Crash Course in Working with Energy and Light

2) A Crash Course in Karma and Spirituality

3) A Crash Course on the Spiritual Path

4) A Crash Course on Karmic Contracts

5) A Crash Course on the Avataric Age

6) A Crash Course on Timelines and the Inner Planes

7) A Crash Course in Psychic Potential

8) A Crash Course in the Earth Transformation

9) A Crash Course in Mental Reprogramming

10) A Crash Course in Balancing the Head & the Heart

11) A Crash Course in Spiritual Growth

12) A Crash Course in Achieving Spiritual Mastery

13) A Crash Course on Guided Meditations

14) A Crash Course in Higher Meditations