A Crash Course in Guided Meditations

Introduction: Guided Meditation 101

The New Way is having access to guided meditation 24 hours a day! It is no longer useful to spend your time sitting down absorbed in God as this does not really help humanity at this point of time. Besides which, if you can only experience God and be happy when sitting in meditation then this is really a limitation. The real purpose of guided meditation is to bring the higher energies that you experience in meditative states out in to the world around you and to integrate these states with you waking state of outer awareness. If you did this properly eventually you would see God everywhere!

So the order of the day is short guided meditations that take you in deeply and that you come out of quite quickly bringing the higher states with you and integrating them outwardly by grounding yourself fully. The other aspect of mediation in the New World should be available at any time. You can meditate now whilst in your ‘outer awareness’ with your eyes open as we are all operating multidimensionally at this point of time. This means you can now ‘meditate’ by bringing energy in, clearing negativity, healing and using protective sequences whilst walking down the street, in the supermarket, or on the toilet!

Really this type of meditation is the most useful. You can do your morning meditation in 30-60 seconds now whilst waling to work! This is the full clairvoyant ability that the New Humanity are moving into. You will be able to adjust the patterns of energy around you on a moment by moment basis.

I have made these meditations short and sweet to give you an opportunity to be able to memorise them. Otherwise you will just have to wait for my meditation CD’s to come out! Please follow this link to a free sample of one of my guided meditations - soon to be released.
Sit in a quiet place and work with these for only 10 minutes or so before you bring yourself out. No hanging out in that bliss longer than you are supposed to!

Guided Meditations for Light Workers

1) Purification - This meditation can be used on a daily basis. It is useful for clearing your system.

2) Protection - Use this for healing or going into negative environments (can be used daily)

3) Grounding - Use the particularly if grounding is an issue for you. Useful for Ascension Symptoms.

4) Guidance - This can be used daily/before healing and so on. You cannot have enough Higher Guidance!

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