A Crash Course in Higher Meditation

Introduction: Guided Meditation and Ascension

Guided meditation is necessary to bring in the energies of the Higher Planes for the purpose of Ascension. From this point you can enter into a space of inner grace and healing from where you can release and move on above and beyond the opportunities presented to you within your daily life.

The idea of seeking a higher attunement needs to be grounded with integrating this energy with the energies here on earth. We are after all trying to raise the earth up onto the 5th plane by 2069. Some places are there already and others need more work doing on them.

In particularly ground work is done within the lower planes, both in locations and individuals. The important thing is to find out where within that plane do you resonate? The idea is to shift from the lower part of the plane up on to the higher, which in turn leads to a more Divine expression of that energy coming about.

Guided Meditations:

1) The Angelic Realms: Ideal for those with an affinity in these realms. This is a place for inner healing and protection that will bring you into oneness with your angelic self.

2) The Crystalline Realms: Here you will be encoded with Mental Light patterns that will bring about a new understanding and awareness. This comes about through crystalline 12/24 strand DNA activations.

3) Avataric Energy:In this meditation you be attuned to the Avataric Energy that is entering the earth. This will give you the opportunity to align yourself to the New Energy that is manifesting at this time.

4) The Beyond God:The Beyond essence is the place where creation began. It is the formless Source of God that lies beyond the many planes and realms within creation.


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