A Crash Course on Karmic Contracts

Introduction: What are Karmic Contracts?

Karma is now collective. What you might think of as your own karma is mostly likely not. 90% of the Karmic Contracts you carry do not belong to you. It comes from friends, relatives and so on, with which you work with spiritually. As you are a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy you will have achieved spiritual mastery in your past lifetimes on earth and have the ability to deal with much more karmic energy than most people.

Before you incarnate your Higher Self decides the many conditions of your next lifetime. These are then laid out and fulfilled through Karmic Contracts. Some of these conditions are usually non-negotiable, as you are very likely to carry some of these Karmic Contracts from one life to the next, depending on the age and experience of your Soul.

Karmic Contracts decide the people that you will meet, good or bad influences that surround you, places that you visit and any spiritual opportunities that may come your way during your life on earth. They particularly tie you to parents, siblings and partners with whom you have deeper karmic connections most likely from previous lifetimes. Obviously some of these influences may be benign, and some may be quite convoluted from a spiritual point of view.

Within a spiritual workshop we can now work with individual Karmic Contracts collectively, providing that all those present are on the 5th plane or above. With the new focus of this Group Work we look at the all of the Karmic Contracts that are held by those who are present in the workshop. We then reassess the contracts that they hold according to their need. If you are struggling with a particular contract that is holding you back spirituality speaking, then we might be able to take that contract away and swap it for another from the collective ‘pot, that you can transform more easily.

Thus the Divine Mandate that holds the original contract is still satisfied. Karmic Contracts can only be rebalanced outside of a workshop focus by those who either have the spiritual authority to do so, or can channel multidimensional healing energies at this time.


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