1) Karmic Contracts and Soul Purpose

Though your Soul Purpose you discover the real you unlimited by Karmic Contracts and such like.

We have reached a point on earth where life now is a 24 hour a day collective workshop/healing/meditation. This is how we, as the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth work together as the Collective Soul Group to create the change within the hearts of humanity.

We work on Collective Karmic Contracts in the same way we might work on individual ones. These relate to businesses, religions, organisations, countries and so on. When we do this work the aim of the Collective Soul Group is to attempt to weaken these ‘karmic energy packages’ so that its effective lifetime is dramatically shortened. These Collective Karmic Contracts are quite potent entities in their own right, and this work can only be done when we join together as a group with a collective focus.

When your Karmic Contracts get refined, they transform into the higher Soul Contracts. These relate to your Soul Purpose and what your Higher Self really wants to achieve in this lifetime. When you have a spiritual lifetime, you concentrate more on achieving a point of balance within your Soul Contracts, refining them further into True Soul Purpose, which brings you into alignment with the Oversoul.

At the end of this Divine Journey of involoution, you finally transform your Soul Purpose into the Original Desire. This is the point from which all other desires originate. This one desire represents the goal of the Spiritual Aspirant - it is simply the desire to return home and merge with the Source of all Creation. This Original Desire permeates every layer of reality, right down to an atomic level. It is the latent Soul Purpose of everything within creation.

Everything emanated originally from one point, the Source itself. Therefore everything within creation came about essentially so that the Original Desire could be fulfilled. Every single soul-fragment that was sent out by the Oversoul, was seeking the experience of being finite and limited. This ‘mirror experience’ allowed the Omnipotent infinity of Beyond God State to be finally experienced and appreciated!


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