2) Karmic Contracts and the Higher Self

A Karmic Contract is an agreement that is made with the Higher Self on the Soul level that sets the conditions for experiences, opportunities and relationships within your life.

The form of a Karmic Contract may be manifold. They govern all aspects of your daily life: your work, family, relationships, the problems you face and the opportunities that present themselves to you. The setting out of a contract is done on a Soul level by your Higher Self that lives within the inner realms of reality.

The inner realms is a place that is at contrary to the physical world. It is a place of all knowingness, timelessness, infinity and True Love. Every interaction that comes about in physicality is pre-agreed by all those participating. Yes that even means in major disasters and so on. All is not as it seems here on earth as we are living within the framework of illusion.

The illusion of time, space, vision, thoughts and collective feelings add up to a substantial illusionary reality. This illusion is believed in fully by more than 90% of humanity. We only have a small part of the big picture in our reality, and need to step beyond our limited selves in order to see things as they truly are. We are all connected, but we have forgotten it. We blame each other and do not remember that we already agreed to whatever experiences that we might have had. Experiences are what is needed here. Negative experiences are just as relevant as positive ones.
The opportunity to see the extreme of human destructiveness was priceless, and has led to a general dislike and mistrust of war and its policies - as a consequence conquering is not longer en-vogue anymore

What these Kamric Contracts do relate to is the karmic ‘recipes’ that are needed for growth to take place in our lives, according to the will of our Higher Self. There are contracts that relate to bigger bodies of people such as counties and so on. But a contracts true nature is to lay out the seeds for growth. These contracts can be updated when it is desirable so that newer realities can unfold.


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