A Crash Course in Mental Reprogramming

Introduction: Transforming Thoughtforms

The problem with the mind is that it has been set up all wrong. Induction into this world teaches the mind many nasty thoughtforms, most of which are not self nurturing!

There are now many books out the which help you overcome the limitations of the mind and emotions which do an admirable job. This too is a manifestation of the New Energy in itself.
What we want is the mind operating out of the stillness of the 5th plane. This then can be filtered down to the lower planes in day to day life, without succumbing to the negative qualities or thoughtforms attendant to them.

Stillness Meditation:

'Sit and relax your body. Close your eyes, and begin to focus on your breathing. As you breath in, breath into your heart centre, and as you breath out release any pent up energy. Keep doing this until you feel a point of stillness within you.'

In fact you might say that the 5th plane is the place to be as it is the home of the New Humanity. The earth is making a polar shift into the 3rd plane at the present which will take it out of the negative gross energies of planes 0-2.  The 3rd plane is where spiritual transformation starts to take place.

If you are situated in the 5th plane you are sitting in your guidance on the whole. By this I mean that you are just as comfortable on the 2nd (at least for a bit!) and the planes between. Someone who is ungrounded will find themselves manifesting most of the negative qualities and thoughtforms of the very lower planes that they wished to avoid.

If you wish to transcend the mind then you need to get into your heart. This way the mental aspects are 'tempered'  by love.

Even your thoughts will look quite different when love is the master.


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