4) Balancing the Mind and Heart

The mind is hard and the heart is soft. Therefore, if you are primarily based in one or the other then you are at a point of imbalance.

The mind and heart are the ultimate expression of Yin and Yang as the mind is masculine and the heart is feminine. Divine Union means to intertwine these two energies achieving union of the male and female aspects. In fact the word 'yoga' actually means union. Therefore if you observe someone who is God Realised you will see a very powerful being with an infinite potential for compassion.
How do we achieve union of mind and heart? So many people now advocate only listening to the heart which would make humanity a race of weaklings. New Souls are already being moulded to manifest the full possibilities of mind and heart together. As the world ages progress the emphasis is different. This Dark Aage, the age of Kali is 75% head, 25% heart.

And there you were thinking that everything would be 100% positivity and light weren't you? Imbalance is imbalance after all. Only an equal 50/50 split is true balance. The mind becomes transformed in this form in to its highest expression.

The shadow side is a necessary component of your make up which you have to learn to love. Without it you cannot bring down your full spiritual power and you would never get angry even in the highest sense. In fact if you observe the life of the Avatars/Perfect Masters you can see them utilise their shadow side when carrying out their spiritual work.

As a part of the Spiritual Path, there are rights of initiation that relate to the shadow self. You have to pass through the forth plane initiation where you gain control over your 'dweller at the gate'. When you go through this test, you get loads of negativity thrown at you.



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