A Crash Course in Psychic Potential

Introduction: Clairvoyance and Psychic Potential

Light Workers need to learn to use their claivoyance and psychic potential to see in every way possible that they can without using their eyes. Intuition is up for grabs and we are the trailblazers' who are forging a new way for humanity. There are different types of intuition though:

Seeing - Feeling - Knowing

Many Light Workers may feel or know more, than they see the world of energy initially. This is the order of importance. It is far better to know intuitively, than to see things clairvoyantly with your raw psychic potential.

Clairvoyance - see's or feel the world of energy.

Channel - gain's knowledge directly from the world of energy.

Medium - comes from the word mediate (with non physical beings, dead or otherwise)

If you say you are a clairvoyant healer the average person thinks you spend your time talking to dead spirits and healing someone's strained ankle. How little they know about the nature of the New Wave Light Worker! There are a lot of programs about these things on TV, which are helping open people up to the world of energy.

What we need is a place to start. Using your psychic potential to dowse is learning to intuitively get 'yes and no' responses to certain things that you may do in daily life. In this way you will start to use your mind in a visual sense to receive information and then you are bravely stepping out into new territory.

Some of you may already do this using a 'prop' like tarot cards, or something similar. Well, now is the time to let go of the prop and to walk on your own two feet. If you start with simple psychic dowsing you ideally end up with a direct line of communication 'upstairs' that you can use all day long if needs be.

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