1) Using your Psychic Imagination

So if you imagine (as it is in your imagination that you start) some kind of reference point that works for you. Some people may prefer to 'hear' their answer, and other may prefer to imagine a visual response. Also you may prefer just to 'feel' it.

Regardless of which type you are, start now and use this technique in your daily life. Use it when you go shopping. Use it to choose what food to eat, and what decisions to make in your daily life. This way your 'psychic muscles' will become bigger, and you will learn to trust the information that you get. Here are a few simple 'yes and no' visualisations:


Audible (yes/no) (forward/back) (up/down)

VisualĀ (light/dark) (green/red light) (thumbs up/thumbs down)

Feeling (energy raises or lowers) (lifting or sinking feeling)

Knowing (Just knows the answers with conviction)


What we are really looking for here is the ideal fusion of heart and mind. Clairvoyantly (baring in mind that the dictionary definition of a clairvoyant is 'one who sees clearly') your 'yes/no' answers should evolve into an open channel with your guides on the inner planes and the Perfect Masters and God/the Avatar.

For example, I receive direct information even when I am talking to someone or walking down the street. When the communication is like a voice you can receive guidance about anything. It can be really surprising sometimes what they tell you.

Channelling in the form of having your guides speak through you is less useful though. The communication needs to be available 24 hours a day and therefore the vibration needs to be pitched harmoniously enough to be able to integrate in your daily life. When you directly channel the energy that comes down is quite potent sometimes depending on who you are channelling. It can therefore leave you quite frazzled.

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