A Crash Course in Spiritual Growth

Introduction: What is Ascension and Initiation?

The Ascension of a Spiritual Master is the state that you reach on the 5th plane Initiation.

When the 5th plane is first entered from the 4th, the Aspirant of the path of Ascension is greatly affected by the pure light experienced here on the Mental Planes. This in fact dislodges the Aspirant from the Physical Realms as they become ‘intoxicated’ by the 5th plane Mental Light. From this point it is necessary to bring the Aspirant back down to earth from this place, through planes 4 to 1.

This symptom is characteristic of many Light Workers who are now in the world, but are stuck on the 5th plane and are unable to integrate fully with the earth energies and are thereby caught in an imbalance. This state in fact stops the Spiritual Aspirant achieving Mastery in fact as this requires them to be based in the heart centre. Many Light Workers that we see now in theĀ  world are actually stuck in the third eye, or throat chakra and are unable to progress further on the Spiritual Path of Initiation because on this.

When you reach this state you become transfixed by the Spiritual Glamour of the 5th plane which in turn becomes another binding which stops you from moving onwards and upwards.

Once fully grounded in the 5th plane the Aspirant can begin the journey upwards to the 6th plane. This is not easy however as it requires the Aspirant to go through a series of tough initiations to get beyond the 5th plane and reach the 6th. These trials are known as the Destruction of the Lower Self.
Having overcome the Shadow Self on the 4th plane, now the Spiritual Aspirant has to transform the final elements of the personality and bring them under their control in order to pass from the 5th plane upwards.

In the Destruction of the Ego the personality of the Aspirant is transformed and brought under their control. The trial itself actually is a series of crisis which are designed to destroy the old self and bring about the birth of the Higher Self. Of course this process is somewhat unpleasant to pass through and many Light Workers and Aspirants get stuck on this Initiation and need help from an Ascended Master in physicality who can set them free and back on the path again. Some even drop their bodies during this trial because of this.

In the Destruction of the Mind, the lower mind transforms into the Higher Mind giving rise to Divine thoughts and impressions. This holds its own form of Glamour which it is very easy for the Aspirant to become attached to once experienced.


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