1) Ascension and the Transfomation of the Shadow Self

The Shadow Self represents a real problem for Spiritual Aspirants and Light Workers on the path of Ascension. It is the final block between the Initiate and the Divine.

The Shadow Self is the sum total of all the collected negative impressions through past, present and concurrent lifetimes that are actively manifesting themselves at that particular point in time. As the Aspirant of Ascension travels through the realms of the Astral, Mental and Spiritual Glamour they encounter the Shadow Self blocking their inner journey into the Spiritual Realms.

The Shadow Self when encountered in this way leads the Aspirant into the Dark Night of the Soul unless they have sufficient Self Love to transform their Shadow when they first encounter it. On a more practical note the emergence of the Shadow is the direct manifestation of hatred within an individual’s life. The existance of the Shadow Self is at best ignored and at the worst loathed by most people. Therefore you are simply at its mercy as you have no conscious control over it.

Have you ever felt the utter self loathing and misery that says you simply are not good enough? That is the voice of the Shadow making itself heard to you!

In reality if most Spiritual Aspirants are progressing nicely on the path they simply halt once the Shadow must be faced and cannot go any further without the direct help of a Spiritual Master.

The trinity of the lower aspects of the self are the Ego, the Mind and the Shadow. When these are overcome then real progress on the Spiritual Path becomes possible. These are systematically first destroyed and then transformed into the Higher Aspect of the Self - the Higher Self, the Universal Mind and the God Self.

The Shadow Self has to be faced with the sword of Self Love and the armour of Truth. Without these the Spiritual Aspirant in simply helpless.

By loving and forgiving the Shadow you bring it in to conscious awareness and it starts to come under your control. This is the first step to its transformation.

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