3) Initiation and the Destruction of the Ego

The destruction of the ego comes about through an Initiation known as the ‘trial by fire’ which systematically destroy the lower aspects of the personality one at a time.

Once the Aspirant has faced the Shadow Self and transformed it with love, then the rest of the ego has to be transformed and brought under their control. This is of course an unpleasant process in which the Aspirant invariably gets stuck unless they have the guidance of a bona-fide Spiritual Master.

These trials manifest as crisis, drama and so on in the daily life of the modern day Aspirant. These are designed to wear down the aspects of the ego so that the extremes are no longer present. In fact the ego does not really get destroyed, but instead  the lower aspects of it get transformed into higher aspects.

The shadow aspects of Aspirant need to be subverted for the purpose of love! Through the transformation of the ego the negative qualities of the lower self are put to use for the higher purpose of the self. These qualities are lost aspects of the Oversoul that need to be assimilated with the whole for fusion to take place. In actual fact the negative aspects of the ego are the ‘Power’ aspects of the Higher Self that are necessary to make process on the Spiritual Path. Once the Spiritual Aspirant has both Divine Aspects of their Oversoul present - Love and Power, then they can begin to progress on the path unassisted to some degree.

The best way to progress through the Destruction of the Ego if though the hands on approach of a Perfect Master, or similar who will happily strip away all those layers personality one at a time. This is the quickest and shortest way to progress through this process. If you had the chance to observe a Direct Disciple of a Perfect Master you would observe that their personality has been effectively flattened! This allows the Higher Self to manifest through the vehicle of the Subtle Bodies without hindrance.

The lower self or ego manifests itself primarily within the Astral Body and the Higher Self manifests within the Spiritual Body. These trine aspects of the self manifest so that life on earth can exist, but must be transformed in order to progress on the Spiritual Path.

The Aspects of the Self                   Lower                    Middle                   Higher
Shadow Self - the Dark Aspect            Desires                     Passion                     Power
Ego Self - the Personality                  Emotions                 Feeling                      Love
Mental Self - the Mind                 Thoughts                  Intuition                   Knowing 



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