A Crash Course in Spiritual Mastery

Introduction: How to Achieve Spiritual Mastery

Spiritual Mastery means finding a point of balance while you live a normal life on earth. This is quite different from the lofty trials of Initiation on the inner planes, or the previous lifetimes you may have had as a saint living in a monastery, or a mountain top.

True Spirituality on human level is much harder to achieve as it requires you to be fully integrated on all levels. You have to live in the world as a human and make everything in your life Divine. You as a Light Worker have to use your love and power on all levels. You have the somewhat tricky situation of transforming every day human emotions and simply just being normal sometimes as well.

This point come on the path after you have gone through the many trials of Initiation that leads to Spiritual Mastery and passed through to a higher level being situated on the 5th plane fully. Then in order to pass up further to the 6th plane and to lay the foundations for God Realisation you have to bring down your mastery of the 5th plane, back down to plane one. This means that you may take a regular lifetime living as a normal person in the world in order to integrate fully with humanity.

In this Avataric Age every Light Worker has this opportunity as this is what we have come to earth for. Simply put you cannot become fully Divine without becoming fully human. This is the unique thing about Avatar Meher Baba as He was the first Avatar who was 100% God and 100% human. People who visited Him whilst He was alive would often find Him playing cricket, or card games with His disciples! This is the way forward for us.

The seven planes are like the seven octaves of a piano. The bulk of humanity only play the ‘bass notes’ of planes one and two. The average Light Worker however, is quite happy to tinkle away on the higher octaves of planes five and six. The Spiritual Master living in the world of today however, looks to create a masterpiece and creates unique ‘chords and harmonies’ by utilising the seven octaves of all the planes at the same time!

In order to be human you have to be real with your human emotions. You have to claim your empowerment and self love and bring them down into physicality. In this way you can find the point of balance that gives you total fusion of your higher and lower selves, which brings together the twin pillars of Spiritual Mastery together.

Love and Truth.


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