3) Self Love for Lightworkers

Self Love is really the pinnacle of True Spirituality as you achieve very little without it. Self Love is the resource with which you achieve transformation of yourself and the world around you. You cannot love humanity, or God if you do not have love for yourself.

Many Lightworkers do not love themselves, and in fact despise themselves more. Being out of alignment with your Soul, or at a point of imbalance here on earth certainly won’t help you in your efforts to love yourself. In fact, for those who have come to earth from another dimension, or realmĀ  may well be having a miserable time trying to integrate here. Therefore their self love will be very low. The bottom line is if you love yourself, then you can trust yourself. Everything then follows from this point.

How do you love yourself? It is simple really. However all the ground work must be done first before this comes about. The job of a Spiritual Teacher is to direct you to the area on the path that you need to work on at this time. You are going to have a hard time bringing in self love, if you really need the ground yourself first.

In fact there many routes to the self. However, in the Kali Age all the spiritual paths are weakened. The only one that is sure is the path of Love. This is because other routes to God, such as the application of Truth, meditation and so on are likely to develop physical, emotional or mental Glamour to some degree. Even if you progress here, you are left with another problem to sort out in the end!

When Lightworkers foster Self Love then you can develop Higher Love. Really the path of love is the path of devotion to God. The stronger this love is, the closer you pull God to you!

The application of Self Love is really quite down to earth as it needs to effect all areas of your life. You need to bring the Higher Love down to the lower planes as well. You need to love yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. However, many Light Workers have the Higher Love of the Spiritual Realms, but have not brought this down into the physical. Therefore they abuse themselves physically, emotionally and mentally.

Loving yourself means being compassionate, it means not worrying and it means learning to be still within yourself. Look after yourself on all of the levels, and do not abuse yourself. The physical realm is as valid as the spiritual! You will achieve nothing by abusing your physical side, and in fact it is impossible to progress higher on the Spiritual Path if you do this!

Learn to be comfortable and to love your fellow human. We are all aspects of God after all. One is no more important than the other. Every stage of growth is as valid as another. You have to climb the ladder one rung at a time.

If you try to skip some steps out, you will fall!

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