1) The Avataric Age on Earth

The will of the Avatar Meher Baba is love. Love is the new pathway for this Avataric Age. Love is the transformative force.

The Avataric Age runs from 1969 to 2069 and encompasses the transformation of humanity from darkness into light. It is not easy to follow the path of love. It takes great will and determination. As they say it is not for the faint hearted. But for those with the drive to achieve it holds the greatest rewards. To become ‘That which you truly are’ takes courage, but gives you fulfillment of all your dreams and even things that you did not know that you truly desired.

Everything in your life that is not based in love has to be transformed. Nothing will remain unchanged. Of course this is the same change that we see activating and awaking humanity at this time. There is no escape from the Avatars Will.

Meher Baba has brought humanity the keys for success and Divinity. They are to be awoken deep in the hearts of man where there is no room for mental dogma, or any case of mistaken identity. The love of the Avatar is all encompassing, reaching, nourishing and enlivening all of creation. His Will and status in this Avataric Incarnation is such that the next 5000 years worth of decisions regarding life on earth have been made by Him when He was on earth. Therefore this is a time of great opportunity, and glorious new experiences are abound. The opportunity to evolve individually in this Avataric Age is paramount as the Avataric Energy is heading up the events of the last 700,000 years or so.

Evolving individually means to evolve collectively, as humanity is required to become whole and unified during this cycle of time. Certain conditions have to be met, such as the rebalancing of the dynamic of energies between men and women which has been out of balance during the last 5000 years. Wars and conflicts need to be transformed into something more graceful and man needs to hold the values of the highest spiritual achievements in regard.


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