A Crash Course in Timelines and the Inner Planes

Introduction: Timelines and Spirtual Healing

When peforming Spiritual Healing Timelines are seen as patterns of energy that relate to inner and outer time. They represent the course that we are taking through our current, past and parallel Soul Aspects that are active and operational. Due the Golden Age the whole of humanities Timelines are being restructured as we speak. When the Divine Director came to earth last in the form of the Avatar Meher Baba, He completely rewrote humanities timelines, and restructured them according to Divine Will.

Timelines exist mainly within the mental planes as patterns of subtle energy. When the Soul Aspect is sent out by the Oversoul and the process of evolution begins, timelines begin to form as it spirals through the mental and supra mental planes. These timelines act as conduits of alignment with the manifesting Soul Fragment. They are a bit like a subtle ‘umbilical cord’ that ties the Soul Aspect to the mother Oversoul. These Timelines then permeate through the astral realms and into the etheric body where they become the silver cord that ties the subtle bodies to the physical. The manifesting 8,400,000 Soul Aspects exist on these silver cords of the Timelines that span through the inner worlds and creation.

This is one of the thing that makes life on earth special so to speak as here we get a chance to experience all of our Soul Aspects and timelines at the same time. This gives us a massive opportunity to perfect our Soul Purpose and refine it further. In fact the amount of timelines that can operate can be huge as there can be one that relates to each experience and desire of the manifesting 8,400,000 Soul Aspects! For our purposes it is simpler to imagine one Timeline per Soul Aspect. Therefore we could be connected to up to 8,400,000 major Timelines.

What we are trying to do is to refine and merge these manifesting Timelines together. A Perfect Master has only one Timeline, which is to serve the Divine Principle. As we New Wave Souls operate in our capacity as Spiritual Healers and Light Workers. We try to refine our timelines more and more. The problem is as we awaken more, more of our Soul Aspects become available to us, therefore more timelines open as well. We are reaching a point of critical mass at the moment, due to the pure overload of energy and information that is coming in and is available to us.

We of course have individual Timelines that relate to this specific life, and the agenda of our Higher Self. These timelines relate to our inherent desires and goals. Of course sometimes we can even be carrying Timelines that simply do not belong to us. In this way we work to refine them for others, passing them back when we are finished.


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