A Crash Course in Working with Energy and Light

Introduction: Energy Work & the Higher Self

Energy Work is now a 24 hours a day task as the transformation of the earth has shifted into a multi-dimensional focus. The Light Workers who are here on earth now, are operating on all the planes simultaneously through the vehicle of the Higher Self.

As we move into the energy of the New Humanity represented by the 6th root race, we open more and more to the world of energy. Everything that we see before us is energy in motion and therefore can be manipulate by us. The more we begin to see reality like this, the more that we come to the understanding that everything we see can be changed by ourselves with the right affirmation and utilisation of Energy Work.

If you do not understand something, ask for the understanding to be given to you through your Higher Self via energetic download. If you cannot move past a certain situation of influences in your life, then ask for help removing it from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Avatar. We are not alone in this game (even though it might seem like it!) and anything is possible. However there is the saying, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’, so ask for help with everything that your heart desires.

In the New Humanity everything is now collective. If you need energy or information to aid you with anything, you can download it directly from the collective ‘inner-net’!

Take this principle into your daily lives as well. Tune in to your intuition and guidance doing everyday tasks like shopping and so on. The New Way is to follow the heart and not the intellect, and the ideal marriage of heart and mind, can be found within the Avataric gift of Intuition. Use it well.

When we start to live in the world of energy and light, we open up our connection to our Higher Self and Soul. Through this we once again begin to feel the love of creation upholding us. Sleep is now outmoded, as it really is just a way that the unconscious psyche can go off and visit the Higher Self, recharging its energy directly from the love of the Oversoul.

Now that we are in a constant state of meditation we are in a constant state of communion with our Oversoul. Through this we can recharge our spiritual energy whenever we want.

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