Soul Readings:

A Soul Reading is a snapshot of where you are now and where you need to go next according to your Soul Purpose and Higher Self. This work highlights anything that you need to work on at this point in time in order to move forward on the Spiritual Path back towards God.

The aim of a Soul Reading is to restructure and change the inner reality rather than give direct information about the outer reality. Please give me a good description of your situation so I may better tune in. Tell me about yourself briefly and what you wish to work on through the vehicle of the reading.

There is no guarantee that a Soul Reading will answer any specific questions you may ask as they come in pure and undiluted from Source without any direct input from myself. A Soul Reading is sent to you by email 1-2 weeks after you order it through Paypal.

This is followed up with a 30 minute phone/skype/email consultation at least 1 week after you have recieved the Soul Reading.

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Nicholas Russell - Spiritual Teacher - Intuitive Healer

Nicholas Russell is a Spiritual Guide who helps align people to their Higher Self and True Soul Purpose. He does this work through Soul Readings, Guidance Sessions and Workshops.

He writes articles online through a number of website and is published regularly in the Paradigm Shift Magazine in the UK. He is the author of A Crash Course in Spirituality - Book 1 available on Amazon.

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