1) Affirmations and the Higher Self

Affirmations are not just in your 'statement of intent', but they should be your every thought, word and deed.  It is worth getting your intent correct however.

Reality is more malleable than most people think and is in fact a product of our over active imagination you might say. Therefore, what you desire comes about. People who succeed simply are constantly affirming their success. However, you can only achieve whatever is possible according to Divine Will, your Higher Self and your personal Karmic Contracts.

You can only call forth that which is karmically on the cards for you. Some people have more flexibility than others of course. If you are on the spiritual path then most likely you have very little flexibility at all. For 'Joe Public' this is different of course, but then Joe Public hardly has much in the way of manifestation powers.

Look deeply into your mental make up to see if you can observe the underling thoughts which undermine you in daily life. Ask from the Higher Self and it shall be given. Always ask for help and understanding with problems that you might face on the path. Use affirmation to ask that the answers be given to you. This is far better than trying to work something out with your mind to be sure.

Unless you have a Perfect Master, or similar in your physical presence then you have not got the benefit of the Higher Self to guide you. Therefore you ask for the help to be sent to you down the 'spiritual-pipeline.’  We have come a long way so far, but are also a long way from being able to have God Realised guides for everyone. There will be a point in the not so distant future where this will change.

It might be hard like this, but you have to do what you have to do. Every Light Worker has the inner connections and can access any Perfect Master or Avatar that they like through the vehicle of inner time.

You may as well use it!


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