1) 2012 - The Formation of the New Spiritual Hierarchy

India has always been the headquarters of the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth throughout the ages. All the major Incarnations of the Avatar have been born there. However, as the Spiritual Hierarchy have been incarnating directly onto earth since 1969, most have been choosing to do so into the Western countries particularly England and America. Now we have passed the threshold of 2012, we can announce that the new headquarters for the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth is in fact in the West - in England!

This means that there are now many opportunities for spiritual promotion for spiritual workers in England, as we are now on a bit of a ‘recruitment drive’ to fill all the vacant positions within the Hierarchy at this time. England will be the headquarters for the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth for at least the next 7000 years after 2012.

The New World is going to be formed in the West. This is because the average Westerner is now more evolved than most people within the East, primarily due to the ‘Will’ being nicely refined making them apt candidates for Spiritual Mastery. The average Westerner is now situated at least partially on the 3rd plane, in comparison to being primarily on the 2nd plane prior to 2008.

 Prior to 2008, many places on the planet were still polarised at the 0 plane. However, this state of affairs is changing rapidly and locations that previously had almost no light at all are now coming up onto the 2nd plane of existence. Most Lightworkers are attuned to the 5th plane as they are members of the Spiritual Hierarchy who have already freed themselves from earthly karma by and large, and have come to help humanity directly. As such you will have achieved ‘sainthood’  many times before in your previous lifetimes.

The old world had only 25% light prior to 1969 as it was still polarised at around 75% negativity during the Dark Age, in which most of humanity was operating on the 2nd plane or below. Due to the work carried out by Meher Baba as the Divine Director during His lifetime on earth, a huge accumulation of raw light energy (Paramatma Light) was built up on the inner planes surrounding the earth. When Meher Baba dropped His body in 1969, this energy was released much like a massive Avataric Energy ‘atomic blast’!

This blast of Avataric Energy simply destroyed all the negative energetic structures on the inner planes surrounding the earth. When this blast went out it tore through the shells of etheric, astral and mental glamour that surrounded the earth and was keeping  its populous asleep by and large. Then the Avataric Energy began the job of transforming humanity from the inside out.

It is the Avataric Decree that by 2069 the earth will have been fully transformed and be 75% light by that point.  As we have passed now into 2012 we have reached the half way point as the earth is now radiating about 49-50% light. From here the only way is up as when we pass the point of 51% (which we will by 2019!) the scales will have firmly tipped in the favour of the light.

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