4) The New Humanity and the 6th Root Race

The New Humanity and the 6th Root Race are the one who will take things forward on earth.

The Avataric Network really embodies not only the many different incarnations of the Avatar, but also the Perfect Masters, God Realised beings and Avataric Agents. You may well be an Avataric Agent yourself, and are simply unaware of it. These Agents make up the workers within the Avataric Network who do the majority of the work needed to manifest change on earth and within the hearts of the New Humanity. The majority of the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth, who you might refer to as Lightworkers, or the 6th Root Race, are on the 5th plane of existence. This is where the term 5th dimensional living comes from, as we are aiming to have the earth 75% polarised on the 5th plane by 2069 at the end of the Avataric Age that we find ourselves in at this time.

The Avataric Age was inaugurated in 1969 when the most recent Avatar, Meher Baba dropped His body. Meher Baba is the last in the cycle of Avatars, decided by the Spiritual Hierarchy to look over the evolution on earth. The Avataric Age lasts for 100 years after an Avatar has left earth. In this time, and amnesty period is had on earth. This particular Avataric Age is extremely potent however. We have reached the end of the cycle of world ages on earth. It has been decreed that at the end of the previous Dark Age, the Avatar would make a final appearance and the whole world will be transformed into the New Golden Age of humanity. Of this ‘prophecy’ has made its way into many of the religious scriptures of the world, in some form or another.

What is most important is that now is the time. You are of course aware that this is the case, but we wish you now to become more aware of the bigger picture concerning the transformation on earth, and what is really going on.

It is 2012. The Old World is no more. The New Golden Age of ‘heaven on earth’ is here. We have already won the final battle of light and dark! The final incarnation of the Avatar for all of the world ages has come, and the hearts of humanity have been transformed. The seeds of love have been planted and are starting to grow. The 6th Root race are manifesting through the New Humnaity on earth at this time.

At the end of this Avataric Age the world will have been transformed from 75% negativity prior to 1969, to 75% positivity By 2069!


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