2) Clearing Negative Energy

Learning to clear negative energy is one of the most useful tools in the arsenal of the Light Worker who is living on earth now, as we are entering the New Golden Age of Humanity. The earth bound energies are still somewhat unpleasant. Without space clearing you have no way of transforming them. In fact you are most likely clearing your space subconsciously anyway, but with everything these day, the job is so much better when we are conscious of it.

We still have everything to contend with down here. Negative entities, astral slime, emotional rubbish, seed thoughtforms and so on. If you work as an energy healer in your own home this is somewhat amplified as everything you clear from those with which you work, is released into the ‘work-space’ and therefore you have to have the correct invocation of energy in place to both protect yourself, and clear your home of these energetic nasties!

Space clearing has a twofold focus - firstly to protect yourself by setting up the right kind of energy and affirmation around you. Secondly actually physically clearing the space itself. A cluttered space is a problem, as it leaves room for unwanted influences to come in, so first of all tidy up and physically vacuum as well. This is the first step of clearing the physical levels, and also clears the ‘ground- energies.’ There is a certain ‘feng-shu’ as to where things should be in a room, so do tune in. You don’t want an ashtray in the corner of the room, opening up a door way to a lower astral plane, do we?

Guide to space clearing:
1) Call forth your protection. This can be your spiritual robes of office, or by cloaking yourself.

2) Call forth your highest guidance. Call on the highest agencies that you feel comfortable with, whether the angels, higher beings, Perfect Masters or the Avatar. (this bit is important)

3) Have a picture, preferably of an (up to date) Avatar, or Perfect Master along with candles and incense, and set these up in the space you wish to clear. Light the candles and incense and call forth the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Perfect Masters and the Avatar to protect you and to clear the space of all lower and unwanted energies.

4) Leave the space and preferably leave some ‘space clearing’ music on, to finish the job. This can be mantra chanting, or meditation music according to your guidance. The space cannot be effectively cleared while you are still in it.

Go and have a cup of tea or something - and let the Spiritual Hierarchy do their job!

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