1) Being Human - a guide for Starseeds

Being human means being real on every level. How do Light Workers and Starseeds become human in the ever changing world? Well even if you have come from some other higher plane, dimension or planet the bottom line is that in this lifetime you have chosen to be human so you may as well act like it.

In fact there are now so many ‘non-humans’ here at this time there is a bit of an issue. Depending on where you have come from you simply may not understand human emotions, or thoughts. You may be used to existing as energy and therefore have a problem being ‘physical’ and doing physical things like other people.

The bottom line is humans do a lot of seemly gross things - they curse, get angry, fight, have sex, worry, watch tv, run around and be ignorant. Well if you want a point of balance, all these human things and more you shall do!

Simply speaking as a Starseed, you cannot simply wander around on earth being switched on to higher energies all the time, or you will just fry your system and get clobbered by negative energies everywhere you go. You have to learn to ‘switch off’ to being a Light Worker, or Starseed and just be normal and do normal things for a while.

If fact if you have come here from another dimension 'being human' is likely to be a far greater challenge for you than being switched on to the light and your guidance. This is after all the reason why you chose to be here after all. So why are so many Light Workers hiding out in various places and avoiding integrating with the world, or even meeting ordinary people, or going to ordinary places? Those who are ‘in seclusion’ are being called back into the world. You cannot benefit anyone, least of all yourself by living away from society.

Being human means allowing yourself to be gross. You need to be able to move up and down the planes freely. Being on the fifth plane during a meditation might be good thing, but not when you go to a supermarket that resonates on the first plane. The real secret is that you need to make all the regular human behaviour Divine by transforming it to its highest expression.

If you get negatively affected by say eating meat, drinking alcohol, going to a pub and so on, you might think that these things are bad for you. Actually you are resonating too highly most likely and your system is not capable of processing even a little earth bound toxins. All these things are grounding as they will drop the frequency of your energetic system down. Too many Light Workers are energy junkies - they are hooked on high frequency energy and doing things which ground them actually gives them spiritual ‘cold turkey’, making them feel terrible!

Ever been to Mcdonalds? If you are a Spiritual Master in training you should be able to handle the negative energies in places like this easily. How are you going to transform the karmic energy of those with whom you work with, if you can’t do a bit of Light Work in the most earthly of places?

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