A Crash Course in the Earth Transformation

Introduction: 2012 - The New Age on Earth

As we entered 2012 everything has now changed as we are entering the New Age on earth fully.

Since 1969 the Spiritual Hierarchy has been moving its headquarters from the inner planes and back on to earth in a dramatic move that has not been seen since the planets inception. We have in excess of 1 billion members of the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth at this time. However, most of these souls are asleep and unaware of their true potential.

2012 is the time for these sleeping Agents of Light to awaken.

At the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy is the Divine Director. This being oversees all evolution within creation. As earth is such a unique place it was ordained by the Hierarchy that the essence of ‘God the Father’ would need to incarnate here to personally intervene . It was decided that ‘He’ would manifest in a physical body on occasion to carry out the roles of the Divine Director and take a direct hand in governing evolution here on earth. These incarnations of ‘God the Father’ in the form of the Divine Director are also known as the Avatar (meaning He who descends.)

It is important that 99% of the spiritual transformation work that takes place in the New Age on earth happens behind the scenes and in secret, so that the consciousness of humanity may be refined whist they are under a kind of ‘spiritual aesthetic.’ It is then no surprise that the Divine Director has already come to earth as the Avatar of this Age, and has carried out His work whilst humanity was looking the other way.

Avatar Meher Baba was born in India in 1894. When he was here He rewrote the whole history of humanity and made all the decisions regarding evolution in the universe for the next 5000 years. When He dropped his body in 1969, the Avataric Age of 100 years began. By the end of this period in 2069, the world will have been transformed from 75% darkness, to 75% light!

The Avatar has come to earth this time to destroy the Dark Age of the old world and to usher in the New Golden Age of Humanity. This has already been done by and large as we have just passed now into the New Age as we passed into 2012, as the ‘Elect’ are already on earth in the form of the Spiritual Hierarchy members who are here now and are maintaining a physical presence.

The final battle between Light and Dark that was fought on the inner planes between 2001 and 2008 and in the end the Light emerged victorious.  It is now the Divine Mandate that the energy of the latest and most up to date Avataric Incarnation of the Divine Director Meher Baba be released fully into the world and that the sleeping members of the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth awaken now to their true potential.

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