A Crash Course on the Spiritual Path

Introduction: The Spiritual Path and Karma

Life is a process of becoming more true to yourself. The truer you become the more real you become. Many people think that the Spiritual Path is about repressing your true and natural instincts. Conversely, it is about allowing these instincts to express themselves freely, which allows the karmic impression guiding the instinct to dissolve and give way to a higher expression of itself.

Karma is greatly misunderstood. It is not a stacking-system of good and bad ‘chips’ which all have to be worked out in due course for complete resolution. Karma is an energy cycle, which needs to be fueled by individual’s actions. It is a self-perpetuating organism in its own right. Karma does not get released, it gets transformed. Then and only then can you come to a higher plateau of balance and oneness. The principle that guides karma is at the core of the situations that bind you in life.
Simply speaking you have to transform that which holds you fast and stops you from growing, manifesting your desires and being who you want to be. The key in life lies in understanding. Understanding your situation gives you power to change it.

If on the Spiritual Path you find yourself repeating the same unfortunate event over and over again as many people do then try to get to the core of the situation. Realisation should come to you unbidden. If it does not then by all means bid it to come!  Ask for the answer to be revealed, and it shall be. We are all governed by patterns, or if you prefer karmic impulses. A pattern is an energetic cycle of action that repeats itself. For example you have those people who seem to be either lucky or unlucky in love, or whose lives never seem to work out the way that they wish. Every action is controlled by big or small patterns. ‘I want a hamburger’, is a pattern. So what are we to do about all these patterns?

Well this is the trick, because your own impulses/patterns are almost impossible to overcome by yourself unless you are some kind of past master spiritually speaking. What you need is someone who has overcome his or her own karmic impulses and can help you undo your own. Unfortunately many counselors are simply not skilled to do this. They have done their courses and their training, but they have not had the personal experience, nor have they overcome their own patterns. This is of course undesirable considering they have to help others as a part of their job.

The spiritual path involves many different facets, which you have to embrace fully. Emotional freedom is one. So is transformation of your karma, thought-forms and patterns. But most important is the dissolution of ego. People do not understand what this truly means. Much emotional suppression has been justified in the name of the destruction of the ego. In fact the ego is necessary, for without it you would cease to be.


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