1) Spirituality and The Way of the Heart

The way of Spirtuality is the way of the heart. This is the path to perfection. When we have completed our pathway we realise we are everything in existence. The Spiritual Path trod by a few, is the path back to our true essence. What it means to walk this path is to lose everything. In doing this we gain everything as well. The Spiritual Path is greatly misunderstood by humanity. Yet the world is getting somewhat more forgiving these days, however, it is not a path for the fainthearted. It comes to one through many lifetimes of servitude and sacrifice.

Before I put you off too much it is too late for you to change your mind, because if you are reading this then you are already on the spiritual path to some degree or another. The good news is that you have found what you were seeking, a way directly through the door. The bad news is that you can run, but you can’t hide!

Once on the path (and you were on it before you were born) it causes much suffering and anguish trying to resist its pull. You will only be truly happy when you are in alignment with both the path and your True Soul Purpose. When this happens it takes a certain amount of time to burn off any collective karmic bindings that you have that may be stopping you from being totally free.

You came down into life having dissolved your personal karma in previous lifetimes. What is masquerading as your own karma, is in fact Collective Karma. This comes from your family line, your country, the world, the galaxy and the universe.

All of these things are the source of almost all the karmic impressions that you experience and feel within your space. What you have is a residue of perhaps 5-10% of your own stuff, which you have been working through the vehicle of collective karmic impressions that have been manifesting in your life for you to clear. This is because you are equipped to clear Collective Karma by virtue of the fact that you have largely cleared your own.


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