1) Multidimensional Energy Healing

When we do Energy Healing now we do so with a multidimensional focus. This is achieved as the subtle planes are now merging internally, and the energy available to us on earth at this time is far greater than it has been before now.

Previously on earth you were pretty much limited to the single Soul Aspect or lifetime within which you operate. Now however things are opening up quite nicely! We have access to the energy and information stored within these many Soul Aspects, and are trying to achieve a point of balance now by blending all of this together.

The Soul originates from the Oversoul. It is a fragment of this ‘mother soul’ which is sent out into creation to garner experiences of light and dark energies. These ‘soul fragments’ are in fact your many Soul Aspects which span out across creation, operating in different realms. On earth we call these Soul Aspects/Fragments ‘lifetimes’. The idea spiritually speaking is to balance your many Soul Aspects, so that you have the right mix of energies for fusion to take place.

This is where the whole of humanity is opening to operating multidimensionally, as we are in fact now all receiving a lot of energy/information from many of our Soul Aspects, which are operating in other planes of existence. This is in fact causing many ordinary people to be in a state of confusion and panic, as in reality the average humans energetic system is simply overloaded with light from the inner planes, which they simply cannot digest at this time.

Even for the Light Worker this overdose of light can cause serious issues. One of the ways in which you can cope with this is through the focus of Energy Healing. This way you ground this excessive higher plane light energy, by passing it through you. Energy Healing is multidimensional these days, as you do not even need to touch someone to affect it anymore.

Even when you as a Light Worker walk into the supermarket, you pass this multidimensional light on to everyone in there. Even the company itself gets a huge dose, as soon as you walk in the door!
You ‘heal’ as you walk down the street, go to work and even as you watch the tv you pass healing energies on to others remotely. This is the New Way for humanity now.

By 2069 humanity will have this capability fully open and the New Children born then will have powerful psychic abilities that will vastly outstrip our own.

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